What is a Power Member?

When ATD members join both their local chapter and ATD, they choose to be change makers in their own backyard and knowledge leaders in the talent development profession. Joint membership offers learning professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field, and gain access to research, best practices, and templates they can apply directly to impacting organizational results, their community, and advancing their career.

What do members have to say about being a Power Member?

What is new?

Many members are familiar with  purchasing their joint ;/memberships via www.tdcascasdia.org.  This has changed effective immediately.  Going forward,  members can now purchase their National memberships AND their  Cascadia ATD membership using the National ATD Store.  This brand new option allows  members to sync their National and  local membership into one payment transaction and one expiration date.  We are excited to offer this new feature to our members. 

Please note that  as we launch on the ATD Store, you may need to call ATD National at 1 800-628-2783 to make the joint purchase.

Power Membership Rates

Power Member Rates: Professional $229/Professional Plus $369
Chapter Board Member Rate: $179
Chapter leaders receive a complimentary upgrade to Professional Plus membership! All chapter board members must be members of ATD.   An added benefit to  being  a chapter leader!

Power Member Application

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Power Membership Chart

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