Continuing Education Units

Many of our chapter programs offer a variety of CEUs and/or recertification credits. Please check below for any that may apply to you.

CPTD Recertification

The CPTD is National ATD's Certified Professional in Learning and Performance certification.

CPTDs earn one recertification point/credit for each physical hour of continuing education within one’s current role/job or involving a new experience or content. ATD Chapter events are listed as eligible continuing education activities.

You will need to keep records of the workshops and events you attend and prepare any paperwork required by National ATD.

HRCI Recertification and SHRM Recertification Credit

Programs may be eligible for self-certification for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits. You will need to keep records of the event and prepare any required paperwork. Visit the HRCI recertification webpage or the SHRM recertification webpage for more information.

        Credits through Portland State University

As of spring 2018, PSU no longer provides college credit for any co-op courses.

ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement) Recertification

CPTs (Certified Performance Technologist) who attend our events can earn points toward their recertification. A person who has already received their CPT must earn 40 credit hours every 3 years to maintain their certification. To learn more, visit the ISP certification website.

Calculating Continuing Education Points:

3 points = 1 to 2 ½  hours or a half-day program

3 points = 3 to 5 ½  hours or a half-day program

6 points - 6 to 8 ½  hours or a full-day program

9 points = 9 to 11 ½  hour or day and a half program

12 points = 12 or more hours or a two or more day long program

6 points per credit hour for credit academic programs

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