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Why Power Membership Matters to Me!


Being a Power Member provides me with perspective. I liken it to watching both local and national news. Both are informative and insightful; allowing me to make better decisions for my organization as well as for my own career development.  Diane Gilmore


I find that my National membership complements my local chapter membership. From National, I get access to the latest research, lesson plans, and connections to thought leaders. My local membership keeps me connected to a supportive community of practitioners who are doing innovative things.   D.J. Netz

Power Membership provides me with the best of both worlds: a treasure trove of resources that are guaranteed to be at the cutting-edge of L&D globally, as well as a community of experts and practitioners that I can engage and network with personally. Being a Power Member has given me greater confidence and credibility in my career.   Erin Bair

As a Power Member, I'm able to take a deep dive into the latest in talent development trends and research while also keeping a pulse on what's happening in my local TD community. I especially enjoy receiving the State of the Industry Report each year from National. My team uses the data to help shape strategy and to frame our contributions through meaningful reporting.  Marla Turner

I'm always relieved to find reliable help from ATD's international resources whenever I have a question. Compared to other websites, I know I'm getting trustworthy information, not hype. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, ATD immediately assembled fresh articles, videos, and webinars that helped me adapt to the new circumstances. And putting that information into action is where I rely on the local chapter. Connecting with colleagues, sharing advice, and stretching my skills through volunteering—these local membership benefits all solidify the rich information I get from the international level of membership. Steve Brooks

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